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Here's what our clients think of us


I want to thank you for the fantastic eBroker Software program that we use here at Medical Plans of Idaho. The interface with our existing client base has been a simple process. eBroker Software’s consistent IT support made it easy to integrate our existing clients into the eBroker Software program as well and provide a simple to use consumer friendly process for marketing new clients in a seamless manor. I have used many different CRS programs in the past. All have been clumsy or patched together to work for health insurance products. The fact IOI software is based on the health insurance makes it the perfect foundation to use for my Agency. After using the eBroker Software for 9 months now, I would highly recommend eBroker Software to other agents and agencies. Our suggestions have always been heard and in many cased used to improve the eBroker Software end product. How refreshing to work with a company that listens and cares about their clients. Your customer support has exceeded our expectations. I am elated to be able to work close with eBroker Software, an Idaho based company.

— Steve Marsh, Medical Plans of Idaho

David, just wanted to take a moment to thank you for introducing me to Insurers of Idaho software your software has greatly improved my ability to serve my clients with many options for their health care insurance. It has allowed me to replace my backroom operation (U/W, tracking and renewal) with a more efficient way of handling these functions, and in the process, has improved my bottom line. Again, thanks for your daily assistance. I look forward to working with you for the forseeable future.

— Stanley W. Dean, CLU ISIS Financial LLC

eBroker Software offers extensive software solutions that allow our agency to maximize revenue while improving client service and efficiency. eBroker staff have gone beyond our expectations to ensure our satisfaction with every aspect of their technology and services. Because of the flexibility of eBroker Software and the developers, this is one of the best software solutions we have seen. Any agent or agency that cares about efficiency and future growth in a rapidly changing industry needs to take a very close look at this software.

— Doug Hetherington, Leavitt Group Benefit Services of Boise

We made contact with Insurers of Idaho through another vendor when we were looking for a system that could handle our client management and our commission process. In comparing eBroker Software and another company, we chose eBroker Software. They are a local company and their system seemed very compatible with what we were looking for. They explained that the merging process would be very seamless as well. After signing up with eBroker Software, we soon found out that they actually go above and beyond what they have to, in order to get us trained, up and running. They are able to come into our office to train us, unlike a company from back east. They are even able to take our calls when we need them. eBroker Software has come to our office on numerous occasions to further the training, when the occasion came up. Also, any time we've needed changes, additions, alterations or anything done to our system, they've had it done that same day, if not that same hour. You could never expect to get that type of service from a company in another state! I am SO thankful that we found Insurers of Idaho!!!!

— Health Insurance Associates, Inc.

I am personally and professionally recommending David Watton and eBroker Software for the Idaho Health Exchange. I have worked/partnered with eBroker Software (and David Watton) for over 10 years. His professionalism and understanding of the marketplace in Idaho, the role of the producer, and the use of technology is unparalleled in Idaho. His system (which we use) is easy-to-use and groundbreaking in technology. In addition, I recommend him because his business is local, it is Idaho. Thank you for consideration of eBroker Software Platform and David Watton.

— Douglas Fry, Director of Strategic Employee Benefit Services

I have worked with David Watton from eBroker Software for over a year now. The services he has provided have been invaluable to my business. He has allowed me to step forward in the marketplace with a technology tool that is very functional. His customer service a support of the software he provides has been timely and very helpful. I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone.

— David Parker, Parker Insurance